Florida real estate news in early June

Property insurance : A new law – decree embodying the hope Florida Legislature that in the area of ​​insurance increase competition and reduce reliance on the state-owned Citizens . According to the website of Citizens Corporation today , June 6th , have issued 1,358,046 policies that are in place . Advocates for consumer rights were skeptical about it.

Poll: Three-quarters (75 % ) of respondents say that owning a property is in the best long-term investment than they have knowledge. Separately, 73 % of respondents who did not own a home expressed their desire to acquire one in the future . (Editor’s note : interestingly the report does not include % margin of error)

Not us Realtors : If you are planning to purchase property currently held by financial institutions , save yourself surprises. When it comes to negotiating these transactions , remember that either CasaenMiamiOnline.com or a lawyer working for you , the other party is a bank and things happen differently to most agents are used . Do yourself a favor when buying a “Foreclosure ” or sell through the figure of a “Sale Short” , call us at 786-264-2344 or contact one of the excellent professionals listed right on our ” Who to Call ” .

You would do the same ? Apparently some ” Listing Agents” ( representing sellers) in Florida have begun to allow tenants to residences house type model ( Staged homes) they move , are uninhabited properties that the owners have furnished and decorated to enhance the interest and expedite sale. Now , we wonder what the implications are for the owners of the furniture are the tenant and prospective buyers , we will follow this strategy to see how it turns out. In the end , marketing is marketing is a house in Miami or any other product …

The lowest rates of 2011 are here : Public / private entity Freddie Mac reported that the average interest rate dropped to 4.55% in its seventh week running downhill.

Florida Governor is of the opinion that cities and municipalities are already grandecitos and must learn to behave themselves : Decree HB 7207 gives cities and municipalities more autonomy to decide how to manage growth while reducing the regulatory function and supervision of the capital.

Miami Beach – Indian Creek

Large real estate companies will not answer customers internet: according to a study by researchers at PCMS Consulting and One Cavo, 75 % of customers have bought online returns stay for an answer. 715 with complete data forms were filled on the websites of 56 large real estate companies and three-quarters of the cases no one informed did too slowly . Too bad, the industry consensus is that customers expect a response in 15 to 20 minutes after stepping “enter” , one hour maximum acceptable . The other interesting feature of the study is that 70 % of people are willing to work with the first qualified agent ( Realtor ) to answer it or phone or email .

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