South Beach Real Estate

At the southern tip of Miami Beach, an area of ​​about 25 blocks long, extends along the ocean . In 20 years, great changes have taken place and turned a long series of obsolete hotels, populated by retired general , in one of the most famous tourist destinations worldwide .

Buildings in South Beach

Hundreds of nightclubs , restaurants , hotels, and luxury residences are now the whereabouts of the international Jet Set, Star Sports , Fashion , Film and the Arts.

The white sands of South Beach is a special blend of local tradition and high level shops , eccentric or goes against the bohemian, and where Nordic beauties alongside beautiful latinas .

At night, the multitude of interwoven capita and international tourists , clad in outfits ranging from formal to baroque and extravagant , swarming along the Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road. Exotic sedans, congestion, noise , music, all part of the “South Beach fun ” South Beach – . Condominium buildings

South Beach is a constant succession of cultural events, exhibitions scene, and arts programs. The Convention Center, the New World Symphony, the modern music concerts at various clubs , museums and galleries, will keep you busy every day of the year.

It is true that the best way to enjoy South Beach is just a stroll, rent a scooter or a bike, or South Beach Houses can even be limited to enjoy the lights, the breeze and the view of the ” beautiful people” .

Art Deco architecture which is the restoration and conservation is the permanent stain of some authorities in South Beach. Builders and developers are subject to strict regulations that differentiate the Art Deco structures to prevent their destruction or alteration, as well as to limit the update and regulate new construction.

The late 80s saw the rebirth – or we can say it re- discovery of South Beach. Barbara Capitman , at the head of some activists , organized a movement that placed the district on a ReImmobilier Beach South Beachgistre National Historic Places .

This was followed by the opening in South Beach modeling agencies many of the most prestigious in Europe, as well as a flood of photographers to discover the special charm of South Beach.
The area is constantly changing. European tourists like lazing along the streets for his early breakfast in bakeries or Cuban bars, followed by the session of beach, Ocean Drive has afternoons seated at News Café , perhaps, and night raids in the beautiful night clubs and exotic restaurants of Washington Street.

South Beach Real Estate

He is one of the major attractions is the view of glamorous models. ( It is said that in 1500 live in the area), the beautiful hostess at local restaurants and possibly a famous face.

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