Auctioned iconic designer Gianni Versace mansion

The luxurious villa in Miami Beach that Italian designer Gianni Versace was decorated kick made ​​25 million dollars ( mdd) . On September 17 , when the offering is made , it will announce the name of the new owner.

This Mediterranean mansion was built in 1930 by architect and philanthropist Alden Freeman , who “wanted to do with her tribute to the oldest house in the Western Hemisphere , the Alcazar de Colon in Santo Domingo” Dominican Republic , erected in 1510 by Diego Columbus, son of Christopher Columbus.

“There is nothing more iconic in Miami Beach Casa Casuarina ” said Jill Eber , a runner of luxury real estate in South Florida Coldwell Banker signature , after insisting that while the last owners made changes to develop the hotel worked there until now , “the spirit of Versace has seen and felt everywhere .”

The Versace family got rid of this property after the tragic death of fashion designer , who fired the serial murderer Andrew Cunanan on the doors of this house , in July 1997 , and in 2000 was bought by Peter Loftin for 19 million dollars.

“We have people who want to buy the house from all over the world, many have contacted us from Russia and South America,” he told AFP Adam D. Marshall , attorney for the owners of the Casa Casuarina , that problems between the partners decided to file for bankruptcy.

For now, all aspiring owners of this mansion , ornate marble and mosaics and located on the beach in the tourist street Ocean Drive Miami Beach, Florida ( southeast U.S. ) , ” want their identities are kept under confidentiality ” Marshall said.

“Nobody wants for the moment that your assets and financial power are known publicly ,” Marshall said.

The Mona Lisa of the property market

Casa Casuarina has 6,100 me2 where 10 rooms , 11 bathrooms, hardwood floors, and jellyfish sculptures of mythological frescoes two rooftop terraces with a privileged view of the beach and at the top , an observatory yet spread you need to lie down to see the stars : large cushions , beach chairs and a bar to reach .

Each of the spaces is decorated with furniture arranged in time Versace, even a bed of “super , super, super king” size room The Villa Suite, which once occupied the Italian fashion designer and has with a huge bathroom, ” walking closet ” made in fine woodworking and even a small terrace overlooking the sea.

One of the biggest attractions of the house is a pool of almost 17 meters long decorated with mosaics a 24K gold plated and tropical palms line edge , plus shade , shielding the open areas of the house of any paparazzi lenses .

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