Garnish with a click

Decorate with photos is an easy way to enhance the environment, as anyone with a little ingenuity, good taste and a modest camera can capture images of nature, travel, family issues, everyday objects, etc..

But like all aesthetic act, the use of images in the decoration is governed by some basic parameters. For the architect and interior design specialist, Karen Plaza, “In decorating with photos everything is possible, provided the basic design principles such as rhythm, color, balance is maintained. Maintain harmony between the concept of decorating and photos that are used, the decoration style and creativity. ”

Whether your home or office you have a classic, modern, country or minimalist style, this technique can be used either for emphasis or to add an element, but with sobriety. Note that not only you can use your usual size photographs, framed or not, but can also be used in collages that integrates several of a theme, color or style.

To Plaza, incorporating photographs provides “a special touch to the spaces and imprint a character that is usually individually.”


A very contemporary option in the use of the images are the billboards, large format prints in various media, high durability, which can be the focal point of a space in this expansive and uncluttered case with other elements. These copies may be ordered from the shops where marketing materials are produced.

As for the possibility of framing images of conventional size, choice of frames available in the market, which will choose according to the style of the room to be decorated: some from highly processed, in gold, to very simple lines in plain colors, wood or metal. You can also opt for two overlapping windows, subjects using special mounting clips, if your style is more minimalist.

In this sense, the architect Karen Square says: “Today we have devices to expose versatile photographs of various styles: modern, ethnic, minimalist, country, such as individual frames and tables where we display more photos at once. there is also the option offered by contemporary technology such as digital home devices, which serve to show many pictures at a given time.’s common for one to have a bunch of digital photos that are often left for personal enjoyment on the computer the home or office. way to expose This is a comfortable and contemporary solution that fits any style of interior design. ”

Basic conservation

Whether you are decorating with original and reproductions on classic prints photographs, should consider certain measures to preserve them in time, as a faded and deteriorated stays away from his image adorn the dull.

The first thing to consider is the quality of the ink and paper; do not settle for homemade reproductions will be spending a stray. Vilena Figueira, specialist organization and digitization of photographic archives, who teaches workshops and provides advice on this subject, states that when ordering copies a specialized service “Request to be printed should be with paper and inks whose houses manufacturers ensure they have passed test last over 100 years. specialty papers are almost always say this on the back or on its packaging. testing can be done and then print wet them a bit to see if the ink smears or reactions. Another option that is used especially for color is the use of glass with UV filter assembly “.

The assembly also has rules, such as incorporating a piece anime laminil or ironing as image support. “This order to isolate moisture and acidity in the part having contact with the posterior brown cardboard mount, avoiding it transitions to the image moisture absorbing wall,” says Figueira.

Add the specialist who must be aware of factors such as humidity and light, it can undermine photographic prints. “So you should avoid placing them in walls by passing pipes or those close to very cold and wet areas, as condensation causes moisture damage the image or proliferate fungi. Ideally 19 ° to 23 ° C temperature and between 30 and 50% relative humidity. ”

In places where it is impossible to control these conditions, as the kitchen or bathroom, always opt for reproductions and guard their originals.

How to do it

Although Classic is to use a group photo frames or picture frames as an element of decoration, without regard to a given topic or group of images, the trend is currently planning the design from a concept (create groups theme, for example), harmonized with the rest of the elements and color palette of the room.

“When the concept of decoration is the pictures themselves, undertaking design color images, where the walls are exposed or where devices or frames would be placed. One way is to use light walls in shades that are contained in the color palette of the photos will be used for highlighting ringtones photos. in this case it is preferable to harmonize with the colors and sizes of the images, as they are more visually pleasing and he space added to the comfort you want, “the architect Karen Plaza.

“When working with large-format images, they must be placed in places of stay as rooms or studios and architectural spaces from which to judge the image visual quality, that is, in environments where there is plenty heights mezzanine slightly higher than standard (over 2.50 m). Whether it is exposing individual pictures but they are related, such as those of a family trip, can be placed in transit areas such as hallways, stairs or those good places to expose them as the furniture. ”

Can also be incorporated original and creative ideas, using the images within other objects as making a headboard for bed with a giant cushions or printed using the technique of transfer or sublimation fabrics; the latter with greater durability than the first in terms of textile printing. The screens and lamps are other media that can support custom images.

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