The housing prices recorded solid gains in U.S.

The housing prices rose 10.9 % in March from a year earlier , the biggest gain of this type in seven years, according to an index that tracks housing prices in 20 U.S. cities.

The Case-Shiller index of Standard & Poor’s , released Tuesday , showed that all 20 cities had reported annual growth for the third consecutive month, the latest sign that the reduced inventories and increased demand for housing has led to an increase in housing prices after several years of declines.

There are already signs that the appreciation of housing prices is on track to continue its rapid pace in the coming months as the inventory of homes for sale has remained low and buyer urgency has increased , driven by increased confidence consumer and mortgage rates hovering near historic lows .

Prices rose 1.4% in March compared to February and 0.3 % in February compared to January , a period in which sales volumes , and consequently growth rates – typically slow for winter weather U.S. Housing prices have not risen in the first quarter since 2006 , and the quarterly increase of 1.8 % this year was the highest for the period from January to March 2005.

Auctioned iconic designer Gianni Versace mansion

The luxurious villa in Miami Beach that Italian designer Gianni Versace was decorated kick made ​​25 million dollars ( mdd) . On September 17 , when the offering is made , it will announce the name of the new owner.

This Mediterranean mansion was built in 1930 by architect and philanthropist Alden Freeman , who “wanted to do with her tribute to the oldest house in the Western Hemisphere , the Alcazar de Colon in Santo Domingo” Dominican Republic , erected in 1510 by Diego Columbus, son of Christopher Columbus.

“There is nothing more iconic in Miami Beach Casa Casuarina ” said Jill Eber , a runner of luxury real estate in South Florida Coldwell Banker signature , after insisting that while the last owners made changes to develop the hotel worked there until now , “the spirit of Versace has seen and felt everywhere .”

The Versace family got rid of this property after the tragic death of fashion designer , who fired the serial murderer Andrew Cunanan on the doors of this house , in July 1997 , and in 2000 was bought by Peter Loftin for 19 million dollars.

“We have people who want to buy the house from all over the world, many have contacted us from Russia and South America,” he told AFP Adam D. Marshall , attorney for the owners of the Casa Casuarina , that problems between the partners decided to file for bankruptcy.

For now, all aspiring owners of this mansion , ornate marble and mosaics and located on the beach in the tourist street Ocean Drive Miami Beach, Florida ( southeast U.S. ) , ” want their identities are kept under confidentiality ” Marshall said.

“Nobody wants for the moment that your assets and financial power are known publicly ,” Marshall said.

The Mona Lisa of the property market

Casa Casuarina has 6,100 me2 where 10 rooms , 11 bathrooms, hardwood floors, and jellyfish sculptures of mythological frescoes two rooftop terraces with a privileged view of the beach and at the top , an observatory yet spread you need to lie down to see the stars : large cushions , beach chairs and a bar to reach .

Each of the spaces is decorated with furniture arranged in time Versace, even a bed of “super , super, super king” size room The Villa Suite, which once occupied the Italian fashion designer and has with a huge bathroom, ” walking closet ” made in fine woodworking and even a small terrace overlooking the sea.

One of the biggest attractions of the house is a pool of almost 17 meters long decorated with mosaics a 24K gold plated and tropical palms line edge , plus shade , shielding the open areas of the house of any paparazzi lenses .

Sales of existing homes rose in July to three-year highs

Sales of existing homes in the U.S. rose in July to its highest level in more than three years , suggesting that a sharp rise in the cost of borrowing is just having a limited recovery in the housing market impact.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR , for its acronym in English ) said sales of existing homes rose 6.5 % in July to an annualized rate of 5.39 million units.

The result far exceeded market expectations and represents the highest sales pace since November 2009, when expiring tax credit for homebuyers .

After being devastated by the financial crisis and recession of 2007-2009 , the U.S. housing market seemed to start to recover early last year, helped by sustained job creation and low interest rates . “The current housing market recovery has a solid foundation ,” said Lawrence Yun , NAR chief economist .

In July homebuyers seemed inmunesa a recent increase in lending rates . In fact, Yun believes some buyers might have rushed to prevent further increases , which are widely expected .

Banks have raised their rates on expectations of an acceleration of the U.S. economy and anticipating that the Federal Reserve to tighten monetary policy. Since early May, mortgage rates have risen by more than one percentage point for 30-year loans .

Last week, the average 30-year mortgage rate rose 12 basis points to 4.68 % , according to figures released Wednesday Hipotercarios Bankers Association figures .

Economists polled by Reuters had forecast a rise to a rate of 5.15 million units in July . Sales increased in all four major regions of the United States.

The housing market recovery , illustrated by an increase in prices and a reduction in inventories , is helping to prop up the economy , strengthening the finances of households and consumer spending .

The average price of a resale home soared 13.7 % compared to last year, to $ 213.500 . The inventory of unsold homes on the market increased by 5.6 %.

Malibu is the most expensive U.S. housing market, according to a study

A study released today by the real estate company Coldwell Banker found that the coastal area of Malibu in Southern California, is the most expensive residential area in the U.S. with an average home price of four bedrooms and two bathrooms over 2.1 million.

California dominated this annual list of which he liked a lot the top five and 13 of the 25 most expensive to buy a house in the U.S. are in that state locations.

Following figure Malibu Newport Beach, Saratoga , Los Gatos and San Francisco , with ratings of between 1.7 and 1.3 million respectively .

The report of this agent is done by reference to more than 52,000 properties with 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms in more than 1,900 housing markets in the country, which makes cities are outside the mansions where they proliferate , as Bel -Air , in the Los Angeles County .

Coldwell Banker also unveiled its ranking of most economical to live as a model using the same type of property, a classification that led Cleveland (Ohio ) where the average price is just over $ 63,000 , followed by Garfield Heights, Ohio areas also with $ 66,000.

Construction spending in the U.S. single-family homes up 21.6% in December

Spending on construction of houses in the U.S. in December rose 3.4 % from the previous month and 21.6 % over December 2012 , according to the Commerce Department. More than two -thirds of the residential construction market comes from family homes .

The total construction spending in the country rose 0.1 % in December and reached an annual rate of 930 500 million, led by private sector projects .

After an increase of 0.8 % in November , most analysts had estimated for December increased 0.4%.

Spending on private construction rose 0.4% this month , up from 2.6 % in residential project and reached an annual rate of 352,600 million.

There was , however , a decrease of 0.7 % in non- residential projects such as shopping malls , hotels and office buildings . This sector activity has declined by 1.7 % compared to December 2012.

Spending on public construction, in turn , fell 2.3% in December. That month, the construction of apartments and condominiums rose 0.5 % and grew by 27.3 % in one year.

Wall Street rises after reports of U.S. homes

The stock prices rose on Tuesday on the stock exchanges of New York, as reported in February that increased requests for housing in the United States and the impression that the conflict between Russia and the West will not aggravate Ukraine.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 index rose 13 points (0.7%) to close at 1,872, while the Dow rose 89 units (0.6%) to settle at 16,336 and the Nasdaq rose 53 points (1.3% ) to 4.333.

Microsoft jumped 4% after Reuters reported that the CEO Satya Nadella will use his first act of relevant conference to present a version of the Office suite for iPad.

The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury fell to 2.67%.

Venezuelan driving the construction boom of MIami

The rise condo building in Miami is fueled primarily by the large number of buyers from Venezuela , followed by other Latin American trek The boli-bourgeois Chavez to empire

Behind the new building construction fever in the area of ​​Downtown Miami and Brickell is a key driver : the cash that comes primarily from the pocket after Venezuelans and Argentines, Mexicans and Europeans, among others , according to builders and consulted estate agents .

From a year ago , the rapid advance of dozens of works of great towers monopolizing almost all vacant lots in the area that had the banking business center and Miami is observed. Of these , about 40 condos are proposed or under construction in the Downtown Area, with approximately 12,100 new apartments .

” Venezuela is the market that is more buying in Miami ,” said Diego Ojeda , vice president of construction Rilea Group, interviewed by DAILY THE. “The reasons are mainly the state of the country, with the Venezuelan government at present , the search for security and because they want to expand their heritage ,” he added .

Rilea Group began a month ago with the construction of The Bond luxury condominium located in the heart of Brickell, and having 25% sold to Venezuelan clients . ” This percentage is very high ,” said Ojeda , considering that his company has 32 years of experience and this is the seventh tower building in Miami- and the fourth in the Brickell area .

Ojeda said that Venezuelans who buy here not only have an investment plan for later sale, but rather think of to inhabit the property they purchase, “in case they have to leave their home country.” For this reason , choose very well the location , the neighborhood , the builder , design and finishes.

Charged 50 % of the property value as a down payment , a percentage that has increased in recent years after the real estate crisis. ” Thanks to the new deposit requirement is no longer speculative , there are real people with real money. No any funding ,” said Ojeda.

The high down payment to the builder provides great security and allows the real estate market will build a solid foundation, as buyers are people who can actually afford the property, and not happening in the real estate boom, buyers arrived with credits they could never afford.

Alicia Cervera Lamadrid, managing partner of Cervera Real Estate prestigious real estate in Miami, also said that Venezuelan , along with Argentine top the list of biggest buyers of properties in the Miami area , in dialogue with DAILY THE.

other Latin American

“After Venezuelans and Argentines are also seeing many Mexicans and Europeans – all countries – they are buying ,” Cervera said. Procuring housing people from Venezuela are increased ” whenever there is a crisis in his country, and after the last presidential election ,” he said .

“They come both Chavez and anti-Chavez ,” said the expert in real estate sales , Ojeda who agreed with that are not buying to speculate , but to invest in a property , for living or when their children have to come to study or diversify their portfolios.

Venezuelans ” do not think of selling in the short term , but later they do, why they are awaiting the details, when choosing what to buy , ” said Cervera.

The Cervera Group has relations with all Latin American countries , with over 400 sales representatives worldwide and an affiliate in Venezuela .

Why Miami

The recession in Latin America makes its people increasingly look to Miami. “The city is growing every day and will always be a good escape for them. This is where your people are , is a close to their country place , is an American city yet is the capital of the Americas ,” summed Ojeda.

Those who invest in this city have a good chance of renting , and in case you want to sell, rising prices of housing and large buying interest in the area are encouraging the seller.

Realtors and builders viewed hereby noted that the construction and sales of properties in the Miami area are growing in strength and stability , so it is expected to continue all ” smooth sailing ” for the sector.

South Beach Real Estate

At the southern tip of Miami Beach, an area of ​​about 25 blocks long, extends along the ocean . In 20 years, great changes have taken place and turned a long series of obsolete hotels, populated by retired general , in one of the most famous tourist destinations worldwide .

Buildings in South Beach

Hundreds of nightclubs , restaurants , hotels, and luxury residences are now the whereabouts of the international Jet Set, Star Sports , Fashion , Film and the Arts.

The white sands of South Beach is a special blend of local tradition and high level shops , eccentric or goes against the bohemian, and where Nordic beauties alongside beautiful latinas .

At night, the multitude of interwoven capita and international tourists , clad in outfits ranging from formal to baroque and extravagant , swarming along the Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road. Exotic sedans, congestion, noise , music, all part of the “South Beach fun ” South Beach – . Condominium buildings

South Beach is a constant succession of cultural events, exhibitions scene, and arts programs. The Convention Center, the New World Symphony, the modern music concerts at various clubs , museums and galleries, will keep you busy every day of the year.

It is true that the best way to enjoy South Beach is just a stroll, rent a scooter or a bike, or South Beach Houses can even be limited to enjoy the lights, the breeze and the view of the ” beautiful people” .

Art Deco architecture which is the restoration and conservation is the permanent stain of some authorities in South Beach. Builders and developers are subject to strict regulations that differentiate the Art Deco structures to prevent their destruction or alteration, as well as to limit the update and regulate new construction.

The late 80s saw the rebirth – or we can say it re- discovery of South Beach. Barbara Capitman , at the head of some activists , organized a movement that placed the district on a ReImmobilier Beach South Beachgistre National Historic Places .

This was followed by the opening in South Beach modeling agencies many of the most prestigious in Europe, as well as a flood of photographers to discover the special charm of South Beach.
The area is constantly changing. European tourists like lazing along the streets for his early breakfast in bakeries or Cuban bars, followed by the session of beach, Ocean Drive has afternoons seated at News Café , perhaps, and night raids in the beautiful night clubs and exotic restaurants of Washington Street.

South Beach Real Estate

He is one of the major attractions is the view of glamorous models. ( It is said that in 1500 live in the area), the beautiful hostess at local restaurants and possibly a famous face.


The Miami real estate is attracting more and more French investors benefit from a weak dollar , attractive prices in a dynamic city and a healthier situation since the crisis. But buying a property on the other side of the world can not be improvised . For the experiment is simple, Barnes agencies , MC ² Property and International Plaza Brickell , well established in the city, just founded the Federation of Real Estate Professionals in Miami.

This non -profit connects Francophone buyers with certified professionals and recognized in their respective markets . To join and offer quality label FPIM , officers should : fluent French , have a license from the State of Florida valid , proven experience no negative history with the official and adhere to a strict code of ethics .

The specifics of the real estate transaction in the United States
” Established for 10 years in Miami, we found that international customers need specific support because the real estate market works differently in the United States . It is important that they choose trusted professionals who can guide them and introduce them to these features , “said Thibault de Saint Vincent, President and founder of Barnes FPIM Member.

“For example, professionals have here a wonderful tool: the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This file is shared by all professionals, and certified members, allows the client to work with one realtor. Indeed, it gives access to all the properties available , whatever the agency mandated to sell. The buyer and seller each have their agent representing their interests throughout the sides of the transaction. “

Climate, environment and taxation: the French love Miami
Marie- Charlotte Piro , President of the Federation of Property Professionals and The Vice -President of Real Estate MC ² “It was time to provide this service qualification and quality label to the number of francophones buyers who grows day by day “.
Thus, in June, for the second time this year, the French passed the head of research of real estate abroad made ​​via the website of the Association of Realtors Miami. France is the fourth country in the charts of foreign real estate investment in Florida.

“There are many reasons why South Florida , especially Miami, please buyers and French investors , says Franck Dossa , President of Brickell Plaza International and founder of FPIM Member, Miami is seen as one of most European cities in the United States : Buyers feel so at home here . Climate, tax situation , and the atmosphere truly international form a winning combination ! “

Attractiveness set to continue
The three co -founders anticipate a more sustained than ever for investors but also for entrepreneurs that locate or simply open a subsidiary market. Miami is, indeed , an excellent starting point to engage in export and in the American adventure .

All experts agree that the situation has never been so promising : Cash purchases account for the vast majority of transactions, and to obtain credit , you must make on average 50% of the transaction amount . Buyers are therefore stronger and it is far from the situation before the 2008 crisis .

In economic terms , the city is in a favorable situation with a diversification of resources and foreign countries investing . The development of the Port of aerospace , finance , health come into effect until balance tourism Almighty .

Francophone and blameless Realtors
The FPIM is not strictly restricted to buyers from France , but also to Canada , Switzerland, Belgium, the DOM- TOM , Haiti and Francophone Africa. In addition to mastery of the French language and work ethic , consultants wishing to join the FPIM must have an impeccable way. Any consultant who received a complaint from the Florida Real Estate Commission can not be part of the federation.

This approach ensures customers the FPIM exemplary service by the best French property agents in Florida. A customer who uses a certified agent FPIM , if there are problems , may be supported by the Federation for filing an appeal or a complaint. He knows how to react and how to navigate a particularly well framed and regulated system.